Trade Sliding Doors - Supply Only

Imagine Patio Doors
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VEKA Imagine Patio Doors are designed to provide the highest standards of aesthetic appearance, durability, and security by incorporating the latest standards in hardware design. The system is available in a choice of bevelled or fully sculptured sashes to match window styling. Colour options include White, Rosewood and Golden Oak with corresponding colours of aluminium thresholds. Two-, three- and four-pane options are available with any opening combination – including multiple opening sashes.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for conservatories & porches
  • External slider as standard - internal optional
  • Concealed drainage and double wool piling for improved draftpoofing
  • Multi-chambered profile for greater thermal insulation
  • High security: Anti jacking system, 4 point hooklock, 1 piece keep
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REAL sliding doors are a high-performance product suitable for use in high traffic or exposed areas where a durable and reliable door is required. Available as a single or double doors, both with internal beading. Opening out or opening in.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-point locking plus a suitable triple-glazing unit
  • 200kg Maximum sash weight
  • 2500mm Maximum sash height
  • Track double or triple dependent on configuration
  • Available in white, black, grey, grey exterior/white interior

Why sliding doors?

Our made-for-trade sliding doors from Clydebuilt Manufacturing are incredibly useful products to have in your inventory to supply to your customers. They have become extremely popular with homeowners in recent years thanks to the wide array of benefits they provide. 

These benefits include:


One of the most obvious benefits of trade sliding doors is how much space they can save in a home. Whilst hinged doors need space to be able to swing open, sliding doors work sideways. This makes them the perfect solution for smaller rooms where space is a premium. The side-to-side design also allows for the creation of a broader access space, which will come in handy when moving large objects from room to room if the homeowners are moving or renovating.

Letting in more light

By installing large, glass-heavy doors, your customers’ room can be opened up to allow maximum light filtration, providing an airy and bright aesthetic. Additionally, sliding doors create the illusion of more space, especially when used as patio doors or other doors that face outside. Rooms will be able to have better ventilation in the summer with sliding doors.

Encouraging more natural light to enter the home will mean homeowners can reduce their energy bills by keeping their lights turned off later on in the evening. This is a benefit your customers won’t want to miss out on. It could also add value to the property as it is a desirable design feature.

Modern design

Sliding doors have a clean, sleek, uncluttered look that will suit a wide variety of property types, meaning they are versatile and will appeal to many customers in your area. The focus on the large surface area of glass that extends to the floor means views can be maximised and unobstructed which is very appealing to modern property owners.

Easy access to outside

The easy-gliding mechanism of sliding doors is so simple to use that it will never feel like a chore or a struggle. Again, this is particularly useful in the summer when homeowners might want to entertain with parties and events and are wanting an easy connection between their outdoor and indoor spaces.


Our supply-only sliding doors are a must-have for any installers and their customers. Contact us today for further details about our stunning selection of high-quality sliding doors and to start your trade order.