Made For Trade Roof Lantern


A lantern roof from Clydebuilt Manufacturing offers your customers a stylish way to bring light into any room or extension that you may be working on. The Atlas roof lanterns we supply have amazing thermal performance with a stylish contemporary design. 

The Atlas roof lanterns are part of our aluminium range which means there are windows and doors of all varieties to match these lanterns.

Roof Lantern picture
roof lantern picture

Key Benefits

  • The UK’s most thermal efficient aluminium roof system*
  • The UK’s strongest roof system*
  • Minimalist modern design with ultra-low sight lines
  • Ideal for orangeries and lantern roofs
  • Clean low sight lines externally
  • Choice of PVCu or aluminium external caps
  • Bevelled or flat external caps to suit building design
  • Available in all RAL colours



Flat Rooflight

flat rooflight



Lean To

lean to





We have an amazing range of traditional and contemporary roof lantern designs including conservatories, lean-tos, verandas, sky rooms and roof lights.  Whatever Atlas Roof system you are looking for we can supply to your exact specification.

A roof lantern is an addition to a roof. It gives homeowners extra height on their roof space as it is positioned on top of the roof and catches light from all angles. When working within a strict budget, your customers may think they can’t afford to choose a roof lantern. However, our supply only roof lanterns are a highly affordable and quality option for you to offer to your clients.

Roof lanterns are the best way to add extra glazing to a flat roof. With a range of size options, they can be used for a refurbishment or a new development. Due to a roof lantern sitting above the roof, it adds more height to the room and offers a greater sense of space.

Why choose supply only roof lanterns from Clydebuilt Manufacturing?

Our trade roof lanterns are perfect for adding style, light, and impressive functionality to your customers’ homes. They can create an eye-catching focal point that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Boasting the latest aluminium hardware, features, and technology, the roof lanterns we provide are thermally efficient, strong, durable, and stylish, meaning they will tick a lot of boxes for your clients and stand the test of time for them to enjoy for many years to come. Or they will add value to homes meaning customers can profit if they decide to sell their property.

Ideal for letting more natural light into any building or living area, in both residential and commercial buildings, our made for trade roof lantern will open up new possibilities and make an exciting addition to your portfolio for customers. Our roof lanterns are available in a wide range of colours and other design options, meaning your customers can get exactly what they want, complementing and enhancing their property.

What are the benefits of roof lanterns?

The angled design of a roof lantern allows them to capture a lot of natural light from all sides. Even on a dull day, the benefits of a roof lantern are obvious. They have a useful energy efficient design and effectively regulate temperature, helping rooms stay cool during the summer and warm in the winter.

Another benefit of roof lanterns to your customers is they don’t normally require any planning permission to be fitted. This means they can be installed quickly and easily without the hassle of any time-consuming applications. However, there are a few limits and conditions with which a new lantern must comply:

  • Any alteration to a project should be no more than 150 millimetres from the existing roof plane.
  • No alteration should be higher than the highest part of the roof.
  • Side facing windows to be obscure-glazed and any opening should be 1.7m above the floor.


As previously mentioned, the conventional and sleek design of roof lanterns can add significant value to a home. They naturally make rooms look more spacious, airier, and brighter, which is the perfect combination for any buyer.

Roof lanterns supplied by Clydebuilt are competitively priced, meaning you are sure to profit from offering them to your customers. The cutting-edge design will transform any property and make it look contemporary, ensuring its appeal to buyers and homeowners for a long time.

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